Joshua Tree

Joshua Tree


$72 USD*

Part of our new U.S. National Parks Premium Pennant Collection, this pennant showcases the unique desert rock formations of California’s Joshua Tree National Park.

In various shades of desert yellow, round stones combine with the beautiful Joshua Tree in a creative balancing act. These aerobatic shows can be found in various locations in the park such as Hidden Valley.

Size: Approximately 7.5" wide x 19" high.

100% sewn & stitched felt pennant. A variety of colour options available. Add to cart to view popular colour combinations or message for custom options.

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All colours showcased in the swatch guide are approximate and shades are not exactly as shown. Combinations of colours and designs may vary, depending on the artist’s choice for secondary elements (i.e. graphic icons such as mountains or trees, accent trim colours, etc.). For custom or specific colour options/requests, contact us.

CARE: Hand-clean only as necessary. Machine washing or machine drying is not recommended.